SD-H3000C Emergency Ventilator.jpg


Compact structureEasy to carry, Designed for first aidTransit design

Ventilation modes and parameters can be set to facilitate

Airway pressure waveform and a variety of parameter monitoring, Intuitive monitoring patients with state

Offers three power: ACCar PowerBuilt-in battery

With skirting, Convenient ambulances and transit beds use


Main unit

High-definition LCD display

Application: Adult and Child(Does not apply to baby)

Pneumatic power control

Respiratory modes: A/CA/C+SIGHSIMVSPONTManual

Tidal volume: 01500mL

FiO2: 48%100%


Alarm Mute: 120s

Plimit-H: 26KPa

Plimit-L: 02KPa

PEEP: 0.52KPa,(Optional)

Power supply: AC100240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1%


Monitoring parameters

Tidal volumeMVfTOTPPEAKAirway pressure waveformTrigger instructionsAC-powered instructionsDC power supply instructionsCharging indicator, etc


Alarm parameters

Plimit-HPlimit-LChokeVT-LowLPOPower and low